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Interview Style Guide

Maximise Your Appearance At Your Interview

The first impression you make on a potential employer is vitally important.
Appearances shouldn’t matter, however in reality you are often judged before you’ve even opened your mouth. Choosing appropriate interview attire will help you make a great first impression


Dress & Grooming Guide

Research the company’s culture and dress code

  • If you have a colleague or a friend working for the company, ask them what they wear to work.
  • It is also acceptable for you to phone and ask HR or your recruiter to find out the dress code.

Invest in an “Interview Outfit”

  • It does not matter what position you are going for in the company, it’s important that you stick with a business casual look.

Wear appropriate and comfortable shoes

  • Women: be conservative and wear a pair of low heels, and don’t expose your toes
  • Men: invest in one pair of black or brown leather shoes, as they go with navy, black or grey suiting.
  • Both: Grass or other debris on shoes is unacceptable and unprofessional.
  • Both: Your shoes should be polished; a good shine indicates dedication to presentation.


  • Make sure your hair is neatly styled and out of your face.
  • The first thing you will do when you go into the interview room is shake hands so you want to make sure you fingernails are clean!
  • Wear minimal makeup
  • When you dress for an interview, how you accessorise is important. When wearing accessories to an interview, less is more.

Try out your interview outfit

  • Make sure you try out your whole outfit at home to ensure that it is comfortable, not too tight and not too baggy!
  • Try sitting and walking in it, you do not want to get distracted on the day if your outfit is bothering you!