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Choose What's Best For Your Company

Permanent Recruitment 

At JWR our objective is to find the best person for the job and that means that we put in the time and effort to get to know and understand our clients. If you are searching for the perfect employee for a position in your company, we will work with you to understand your needs and the culture of your company so that we are able to source the most sutiable candidates that have the right skills, ability, personality and most of all fit in with the culture of your company.

Temporary / Contract Employees

This allows JWR to provide great flexibility to organisations, who may be shortstaffed due to employees going to leave or fluctuating project timeframes. Contract employees ensure that the work flow in your organization isn’t broken, as you can staff-up or staff-down and keep things running normally during peaks and troughs. We are willing to go the extra mile for our clients, and are always striving for perfection. Therefore, we offer adaptable, flexible, and cost-efficient services. Our emphasis is on long-term sustainable partnerships with our clients, as this allows us to better understand the culture of the organisation we are working with.

5 Reasons To Use Temporary Staffing

Cost Saving

Hiring new employees on a permanent basis has associated costs that will be incurred. Compared to permanent employees, temporary workers are not entitled to some benefits and compensation.  Thus, when the companies hire temporary workers, they are not obligated to make these payments, resulting in cost savings.

Staffing costs will be greatly reduced if the company keeps its workforce “lean and mean”, meaning the staffing levels are flexible and kept optimal. The number of regular or permanent employees is just enough so they are all productive.

In the event that they need more people for a specific period of time or for a specific project, they just have to hire temporary workers. This is certainly more cost-effective than keeping on a lot of permanent employees on the payroll, with some of them becoming unproductive at certain points.

Less Risk

Making a bad hire can be disastrous for a company. Having an underperforming employee can be difficult.  With going down the temporary worker route if the worker is not working out for the company then one quick call to us can end the relationship with no risk!  You will not have any redundancy payments to pay, no disputes with employees e.g. unfair dismissal actions etc

Try Before You Buy

If the company is really happy with the workers performance they can look to hiring the employee on a permanent basis.


A vacancy may arise due to unexpected leave taken by a permanent employee, this position can be filled in a very short space of time which will ultimately not impact the efficient and effective running of the operation.  Also a great option to staff special projects!

Headcount Stability

By using temporary staff, you will have the benefit of receiving an invoice for all the employee related costs which allows your permanent headcount and fixed personnel costs to remain steady.