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Looking for a New Job in 2023?

Looking for a New Job in 2023?

How to create a CV?

Looking for your next position and want to make sure your CV stands out from the rest? We have five simple tips on how to write a clear, effective CV that will make any potential employer pick up the phone.


Most employers take less than one minute to decide if your application is worth consideration!

  • Relevant information only

Before applying for a job, read through the job description and highlight the relevant skills and experience you have for the role and make sure those stand out and are included on your CV. Job boards can also be a helpful place to find good descriptions of your relevant skills.

  • Keep it concise

Remember less than a minute for the decision to me made, long rolling sentences are very time consuming, and information gets lost. We recommend bullet points to help your skills and experience stand out. A list of core skills or competencies can be a punchy way of getting your skills across quickly. Your CV should only be two pages – at most!

  • Be accurate

It seems simple but make sure to include a title, a company and dates around your work experience, employers want to see a consistency of work and even progression through your roles at a glance. If you have gaps in your CV – Explain them don’t leave it to your employer’s imagination.

  • Structure

The most effective CV’s are those with a clear structure, making the relevant information easy to find. Start off with contact details. Always include an address, let the employer know where you are! Include a 4–6-line profile about you, your experience, industries and tools or software that is useful for the role. Next is Core skills, short bullet points of skills that highlight your main offerings. Then detail your relevant work experience and finally add your education and qualifications.

  • Always keep your C.V up to date!

This will save you time in the long run. It’s easy to forget your skills and daily tasks after a period of time so there is no better time to write them down than when you are in the role. Don’t forget you may have a few versions – always tailor your CV to the job you are applying for now! 


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