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Holiday job search

Holiday job search

With holiday season in full swing, many take the time out to recharge and also look ahead to where we want to be, do we want a new challenge are we in fact ready for pastures new.

As employers hiring doesn’t stop during the holiday season. Employers hire when they need new employees. With the slow-down in some businesses means more time for hiring.


Here are some reasons to keep Job Searching during the holidays

  1. Networking: People have a little more time to see what is happening in their network, the movers, shakers etc. and who is open to opportunities. There are always people that know people that are looking for a fresh challenge
  2. New Year new start:Whether you are in a good job in a good environment, there is always the temptation while you are recharging, to see what else might be out there. You have a little time on your hand and you see some of your network, have advanced their careers with a move, so why not look around
  3. Companies have budget approved for the New Year:Having your compensation set for the year not only helps pay the bills but it also see what your value is to the company whether your hard work and dedication is rewarded for the previous year/s work.
  4. Flexibility a Start Date:Start dates can be negotiable. Having the ability to extend your holidays and start a week later in the new year certainly has its advantages.
  5. Demand: Companies are looking to the new year, new talent and someone that can bring a fresh outlook to the company, whether you are an operative, a go getter or a seasoned professional, remember you are a valued addition to any organization


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